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Knowledge Building Courses

NEW FOR 2024: I've been tutoring in veterinary admissions for almost four years now, and in that time I've developed knowledge building courses for students across the country. Want access to some of the best prep for vet school there is? Want to meet other veterinary applicants just like you? Check them out below!

Please note the course dates - these sessions run weekly.

These sessions have limited spaces and fill quickly - get in touch ASAP if you'd like to book.

Why Bother?

There's only so much you can learn on work experience and online - and everything you do, other applicants will have done too! So the best way to give yourself a competitive edge is to practice critical engagement and learning beyond the scope of school. That's the point of these courses - we'll introduce you to high level concepts you otherwise wouldn't get exposed to, and prep you to tackle vet school applications with confidence. But plenty of companies offer this - why learn with us?


Most companies charge extortionate fees that don't go to your tutor. Most of our sessions would cost £80/class if you went elsewhere! The money you pay goes directly to your tutor, and funding this site, meaning we can offer these classes at 1/4 the price of elsewhere.

Small Group Classes

Most companies offer knowledge building classes in a large cohort, with limited option for 1 to 1 support. Since we're a small website, we don't work in groups of more than 3, so you can get direct, tailored support on all the work you do!

Exclusive Resources

Because all our classes are tailored to your specific needs and interests, the resources we give you include worksheets, reading lists and more that other students don't receive. So, you can be sure your learning is as thorough and interesting as possible!

Knowledge Building Courses





2024 Course Dates

the essentials

13th January- 10th February 2024

17th February - 16th March 2024

23rd March - 20th April 2024

27th April - 25th May 2024

1st June - 29th June 2023

the essentials & go further

13th January- 16th March 2024

23rd March - 25th May 2024

1st June - 3rd August 2024

10th August - 12th October 2024

19th October - 21st December 2024

the essentials, go further, & interview prep

Please get in touch via the form to discuss. You will attend the same dates as the essentials & go further package, and then arrange interview prep sessions with me separately.

Student Testimonies 

I've run these classes for several years now - want to know whether it's worth the investment? Hear from students I've worked with!

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