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Welcome to Soon to Be a Vet!

Soon to Be A Vet was set up in 2020 as a blog chronicling my journey through vet school. Today, it has thousands of visitors, and is the only website giving (free!) advice to any one thinking about applying to vet school!

How can I help?

Soon to Be a Vet has grown year on year since 2020, and I now offer the following help:

FREE Zoom Calls 

30 minute Zoom calls to chat through ANYTHING you want about vet school!

Knowledge Building

5 or 10 sessions, introducing you to key veterinary concepts, and current issues.

Admissions Exam Prep

5 sessions to help you tackle vet school entry exams!

Interview Practice

Got vet school interview? Need some practice? Book some interview prep with real questions & feedback on how you did!

FREE Work Experience Help

Need help figuring out how to get work experience? Not sure what you should be getting out of it? Let's chat!

General Advice

Want to find out what life's REALLY like at vet school? Or are you just looking for some simple  advice? Check out the blog!

The Blog

Check out some of the most useful blog posts on my site here!

What Else Is On Offer?

Contact Me

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