A-Level Resources

After the Covid-19 pandemic caused the government to cancel exams for England, I gathered together all my revision resources I had made for A-Level and made them available online for students who were having to resit.

These notes were made from 2018-2020 and comprise of Biology, Chemistry, and Geography. Biology and Chemistry follow the OCR A spec and Geography AQA, however these notes are applicable to all exam boards, they just may be under different module headings.

If these notes help you or someone else, please let me know! They are connected to a Google Drive folder, so additionally if you spot any problems drop me a message so I can look into it. I ended up with 3 A*s at A-Level, so I know these definitely worked (for me at least!)

Good luck with your exams, and if you want anything clarifying please drop me a message using the box at the bottom of the page!


(Google drive file)

Summary notes and revision resources for A-Level Biology (OCR A Spec)


(Google drive file)

Summary notes and revsion resources for A-Level Chemistry (OCR A Spec)


(Google drive file)

Summary notes and revision resources for A-Level Geography (AQA Spec)

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