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Application Resources


5 Secrets for Success

A PDF containing my top tips for making a competitive application to vet school, with advice from previous applicants and example writing.

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Recommended Reading

A PDF list of my most recommended resources for prospective applicants to browse. You should pick a few, and use them to further your critical thinking skills and knowledge base.

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Online Courses

A PDF list of my top recommended online courses for prospective veterinary applicants. You should choose a few and aim to understand their basic concepts, rather than learn them entirely.

A-Level Resources

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(Google drive file)

Summary notes and revision resources for A-Level Biology (OCR A Spec)

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(Google drive file)

Summary notes and revsion resources for A-Level Chemistry (OCR A Spec)

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(Google drive file)

Summary notes and revision resources for A-Level Geography (AQA Spec)

Work Experience Resources

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Work Experience Planner

A template for planning work experience (PLEASE NOTE: the info in the table has not been updated since 2019. Current requirements may be different).

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Uni Budget

Although I can't take the credit for the design (thanks Excel!) I have played around with this template to make it perfect for uni life, and I hope it's useful!

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Personal Statement

This is an example of a personal statement I wrote for my UCAS application in 2019. It is in a non-editable format and you cannot copy and paste. PLEASE NOTE: UCAS will know if you have just plagarised my work

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