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Application Help

Writing your personal statement and don't know how to start? Got an interview and never done one before? Need to sit an entrance exam? 

I've been tutoring in veterinary admissions for almost four years now, and in that time I've developed a wealth of knowledge and experience to help you through!

Why Bother?

Sometimes, school isn't very helpful with application advice. Oxbridge applications are often tricky to understand, and in veterinary medicine in particular is often not well understood. If you're finding that school isn't helping, or feel out of your depth, let me help!


Most companies charge extortionate fees that don't go to your tutor. Most of my sessions would cost £80/class if you went elsewhere! The money you pay goes directly to funding this site, meaning I can offer these classes at 1/4 the price of elsewhere.

1 to 1 Classes

Most companies offer application advice in larger cohorts, with limited option for 1 to 1 support. Since I'm a small website, I don't work in groups, so you can get direct, tailored support on all the work you do!

Exclusive Resources

Because all my classes are tailored to your specific needs and interests, the resources I give you include worksheets, reading lists and more that other students don't receive. So, you can be sure your learning is as thorough and interesting as possible!

What do I help with?

Student Testimonies 

I've run these classes for several years now - want to know whether it's worth the investment? Hear from students I've worked with!

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