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I'm Bella!

I'm a third year at the University of Cambridge, studying to become a vet. It's a long old course (six years!) and I thought it would be nice to have something to look back on when I'd finished.

I'm hoping to post a blog a week about what I've been up to at vet school, plus anything else that gets me interested, and hopefully it'll be a fun way of building memories! I'm also hoping it might be helpful to anyone hoping to study veterinary themselves, because there aren't a tonne of blogs out there written by vet students about what it's like at uni.

I also offer free advice to prospective vet students who may not be able to get the answers they're looking for elsewhere. If you're applying to vet school and not getting the help at school, your parents don't know where to start, or you'd just like to hear what life at vet school is really like, go to my 'Contact Me' page and submit a request for a Zoom call/email back! It's totally free, I only ask that if you're able to, you contribute a small donation to help me maintain my website and pay my hosting fees. This keeps the general website free for all students, and allows me to continue to provide accessible resources and information for those who need it.

I also have several free resources for A-Level (and GCSE!) students looking to apply to university for Vet Med/Medicine/Dentistry: 

Thanks for visiting ! x


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