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A brand new podcast on Oxbridge and university life hosted by Elin Douglass and Bella Rawson

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Who we are

We're Bella and Elin, students at Jesus College, Cambridge!

Elin studies Music, Bella studies Vet Med, and together we created the I Wish I could... podcast to cater to university and sixth form students who seem to be overlooked in the current podcast market. We want to tackle access to Oxbridge, university life, and anything else we think is interesting in regular, uplifting episodes you can listen to on your walk to school or morning coffee run. 

We're not up and running yet, but in the mean time you can subscribe to our mailing list so you're notified the minute our first episode goes live! Follow our Instagram to find out more and get access to slightly embarassing photos as we try and figure out how to use USB microphones...

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