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Work Experience Resources

One of the first things you realise when you decide you want to be a vet is just how much effort is involved in getting there in the first place. The same is true with medicine and dentistry, but the key difference with vet med is the sheer volume of work experience required in order to secure a place.

This was certainly something that I found overwhelming at the beginning, and to help myself out a bit I created various spreadsheets and documents that helped me to organise my work experience and get the most out of it that I could. 

I hope you find these useful, let me know if you do! :)

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Work Experience Planner

A template for planning work experience (PLEASE NOTE: the info in the table has not been updated since 2019. Current requirements may be different).

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Uni Budget

Although I can't take the credit for the design (thanks Excel!) I have played around with this template to make it perfect for uni life, and I hope it's useful!

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Personal Statement

This is an example of a personal statement I wrote for my UCAS application in 2019. It is in a non-editable format and you cannot copy and paste. PLEASE NOTE: UCAS will know if you have just plagarised my work

(Excel Spreadsheet)

(Excel Spreadsheet)


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