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Vet School Diaries - Week 4, Year 1

Welcome back to this week's blog! I thought I'd start by clearing something up, since it does look a bit weird - I start these diaries on a Thursday, rather than a Sunday because at Cambridge they consider the week to start on Thursdays! Weird, Cambridge quirk that I don't really understand but there you are!

This week there's also a nice little surprise at the end! (I say nice, it's actually ruined any hope of a social life for me for the next two weeks - no prizes if you guess what it is before I tell you!)


Today was the busiest day I've had in a long time. We started off with a biochemistry lecture that was so confusing I only managed half of it, and then had to run

across town to a dissection. After that, a physiology lecture, which would have been good except that the entireity of the course so far has been physics and I dropped that subject for a reason...

I thought the highlight of the day would be the animal handling session we had in the afternoon, because we were working with sheep! We were being taught about how to 'tip' them (picture above!) and the theory behind that sounds so simple - turn the head, push against the rump, and bam! A sitting sheep!

Unfortunately for me, the sheep hated me.

Not only did they bite me but they also decided they were, under no circumstances, going to do me a solid and sit down so that I could get my degree! Nope, these ass holes decided it'd be funnier to watch me chase them ever more desperately. I swear 'baa' sounds deliberarely like 'ha'.

We got back and I had the library booked for a few hours to try and finish my lectures, so I managed to have some dinner and spent the evening trying to understand impossible physics. The college is gorgeous at night - this is the library (behind some bushes) and my house is literally a thirty second walk away - I took this picture from my door!


Thankfully, today was much calmer, and not much actually happened, mostly physiology which at this point is just 100% physics. I think I accidentally signed up for the wrong course to be honest, as they used the word 'capacitor' in a lecture one time and I haven't understood anything since. This is my quiet cry for help - I dropped maths for a reason!


I went food shopping today! I realise this probably isn't the most interesting thing to announce, but I went later when everything is being marked down and is reduced so I got two huge rucksacks worth of stuff for £8.79! I wasn't intending to get so much but because everything was so cheap, it should hopefully last me a week and a half (note from later me: this would prove very important given our Wednesday...surprise)

I edited some practical work I'd done for the physiology class in the evening, then had a quiet night to myself finishing the book my sister bought me for my birthday. Very relaxing, and I watched some Harry Potter too!


Today I had essays to write and batch cooking to do, so I had a nice lay in and then got to work. It took me a few hours to check over and finish my anatomy essay (I worked really hard on it as it was my first proper one, so I hope it goes well!) and then did a biochemistry one which was...not fun!

To distract myself, I went down to the kitchen and batch cooked my meals for the week. I went with veggie goulash (not done in the picture below but almost!) with dumplings, and then made frying pan pizzas. I wasn't expecting those to turn out so well but I was presently surprised! The mozallera melted and went bubbly and the pizza base expanded well! I have concerns it'll be a bit dry, but we'll see :)


Today was much, much quieter than it normally is, so I took the time to learn the anterbrachium muscles and go over some of the notes I made earlier in the week.

Since there wasn't a huge amount to do for the rest of the day and I needed a break from physics, I went to a talk that the Cambridge University Veterinary Society (CUVS) put on about internships and what you can do after you graduate. It's not something I have to think about for quite a few years yet thankfully (and given how uni has gone so far, we might not even make it) but it was interesting to learn about. It was from the perspective of an equine vet which was really interesting, and I suddenly have an interest in it! Who knows, maybe small animals won't be for me...


Today was yet another busy day, with back to back lectures and supervisions that made my head ache! We've moved on in biochemistry to enzymes and how they catalyse things and honestly I don't understand anything at this point!

VAP continues to be my favourite subject - everything is so new and exciting, even if I did get a crap score on my essay! I think it's more the shock of going from 90% average to 45%, but man it hurt more than I thought it would, even when I knew it was a thing that happens to everyone. Luckily (well, not luckily but that's the best word for it) the other vets at Jesus got similar scores so I don't feel too terrible about it!

I finished off the day with a trip to Compline by Candlelight in the chapel, which was a nice wind down and distraction from how busy today was. We got free hot chocolate, and in normal circumstances would've had free port as well, but it was nice to spend some time doing something out of my comfort zone and not what I would normally do.


So, as you may have guessed from my non-cryptic opening, in the middle of my 9am supervision, we got the news that we have to self isolate for two weeks! How fun!

Basically someone in our testing pool tested positive for Covid! Thankfully, not me, although since we all live on top of each other, it's kind of inevitable I'm gonna get it anyway - cue my sore throat appearing :/ It pretty much ruined today for me, we're stuck inside for the next two weeks, and I have nothing else for this blog!

Thank you for reading this week's blog! I'm not sure what's going to happen with the blog for th enext couple of week, because obviously I won't have much content other than complaining about lectures, and that's not the most exciting content. I may end up doing more revision posts instead and just make the weekly blogs much shorter, but we'll see how busy the following week actually is!



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