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Publish, Publish, Publish

With everything I've been doing in lockdown, I've had a lot less free time than I expected, particularly since I set up this blog. But I'm interrupting everyone's newsfeeds today to tell you that I, yes, little old me, was published! Online! For real!

I have no idea who owns the copyright now (maybe I should have asked but oh well) so I'm not going to cop-out and just copy and paste it all onto a blog post. But I thought it might be nice to briefly link to it in case anyone was interested and wanted to read a bit more.

"Less than a fifth of our MPs have STEMM degrees, yet now more than ever basic understanding of the fundamental of science is imperative to get us through the biggest health crisis in the last century. So why don't more MPs have degrees in science, and how would a more representative sample of the scientific community benefit our Parliament?"

You can read 'Less than a fifth of MPs have a background in science - here's why that's a problem' now in TheMeridian.

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