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Ma, I'm in a Journal!

Hi hi hi! Lovely to see you all again :)

I'm heading back to Cambridge very soon and weekly updates WILL be back! I'm sure you've all missed following the gore and guts of vet student life.

I'm popping on a few days before to post about getting featured in a journal! Vet Record is a peer-reviewed veterinary medicine journal, mostly distributed to members of the British Veterinary Association (BVA). Bored over the summer and having a lot to say, I wrote a piece discussing veterinary misinformation and how we could be tackling it in the digital age.

If you have five minutes and can access the website, feel free to check it out! And if you can't access the website and would still like to read it, drop me a message at the bottom of the page and I'll send you over the pdf. Because yes, I'm in a journal, and yes, I want to brag about it!

You can find 'We need to do better at tackling veterinary misinformation' here (or if you happen to know my grandparents, they'll probably email it to you within the next 2 weeks).

I was also recently interviewed by my old school for a profile in their alumni community. Check out me chatting about veterinary medicine here.



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